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Important IELTS Information


Test Fee

The 2018 IELTS Test Fee at Centre of English Studies is €200. 


Test Venue 

Please note that the test venue can change depending on availability of the venue. It is essential that you carefully check the address and information you are emailed before the exam for the final test location. Candidates who arrive late or miss the test due to arriving at the wrong location will not be entitled to a refund or a test date transfer. 


Proof of Identification

You must bring an original and current passport with you on all test dates (written and speaking). You will not be allowed to sit an exam without a valid passport. Only EU citizens can provide an original and current national identification document instead of a passport. However, we encourage all candidates to use their passport as proof of ID.

Important: On test days, you must bring the same identification you used when completing your application form. Please contact us if you are not sure if your identification is acceptable.


New Identification System

IELTS is currently introducing test-day photography and finger print scanning of candidates at all UK and Ireland test centres. Photographs of candidates taken on the test day will be printed onto the candidate's TRF (Test Result Form),and will only be used for test related purposes (including but not limited to issuing TRFs and receiving organization recognition) under Irish and international data protection regulations. Similarly finger scanning is only used to support the security of the exam and information will only ever be used for test related purposes.  IELTS is recognized for its integrity, fairness and authority by up to 6000 receiving organizations worldwide and this new policy reflects the global IELTS strategy of continued test service improvement as well as security enhancement.

The photograph will show the head, ears and shoulders of the candidate from the front. Please don't wear glasses for the photograph.

All other candidate requirements remain unchanged. You are still required to bring the passport/EU national ID card you provided with your application form.

Please note that test day photography and finger scanning is mandatory for all IELTS candidates.

Should you need further information regarding this new policy, please do not be hesitate to contact us.


Getting your Test Results

Test results are posted 13 days after the test date. We cannot give you your results by telephone, fax, email or text. Therefore it is very important that you provide a complete and accurate address when you register. Please note that we cannot issue replacement Test Report Forms if lost. If you wish to collect your test results in person, please indicate this on your application form. You would need to bring your passport with you to the Test Centre on the collection day. IELTS results can only be given to the candidate who sat the exam.

 You can also check your results online for up to 35 days after the results are released.


Sending your Test Results to relevant institutions

You can request to have copies of your test results sent to up to five institutions (universities, government agencies or employers). There is a €15 administration fee for sending additional institution copies of your Test Report Form if requested more than 13 days after the exam - after the test scores have been released. Please ensure you write the full addresses of any relevant institutions when you register for the test online or contact us at ielts@ces-schools.com if you need to send additional copies after test results have been released. 



You can only cancel a test up to five weeks before the date of the written exam. There is an administrative fee of €30 for cancellations. If you wish to cancel a test within five weeks of the exam date, you will lose the full test fee. Please contact us if you wish to cancel your test: ielts@ces-schools.com / 01-679 9506.



You can transfer to a different test date up to five weeks before the test date you are registered for. There is an administrative fee of €30 for transfers. Please contact us if you wish to transfer your test date: ielts@ces-schools.com / 01-679 9506.


Absence and Lateness

Candidates who arrive late for test registration will not be allowed to take their test and will lose the full test fee.

If you cannot attend a test because of a medical emergency, you must provide an authorised medical certificate within five days of the missed test. The certificate must be in English and must clearly state the reason for the absence.

In exceptional circumstances we may be able to reschedule a candidate's speaking test if they are unable to attend. However, candidates would need to pay a €30 administration fee for this service.


Appealing Results

It is possible to appeal against IELTS results you have been given. There is an €120 fee for the Enquiry on Results and this fee will be refunded if your test score(s) improve. If you wish to appeal your results, please email ielts@ces-schools.com and we will send you the relevant documentation.


IELTS for UKVI and IELTS Life Skills Exams

For those who need to take IELTS for a UK visa, CES Dublin is the venue for these exams in Ireland. However, please note that registration and payment for IELTS for UKVI and IELTS Life Skills exams must be done online directly with the British Council. For information on these tests and how to register, please click here.



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